Photo By Closer To Love Photography

Photo By Closer To Love Photography

When Sammy, from Closer to Love Photography, texted me and asked me to help him on a creative project involving Sevenly I couldn’t say yes fast enough. I didn’t care what it was, when it was, because I knew it would be AMAZING. And it was. After having our first meeting and talking out ideas for this Spread the Love Campaign, I couldn’t help but skip with excitement everywhere I went. Just look at these gorgeous photos;

Photo By Closer To Love Photography

Photos by Closer To Love Photography

What is this campaign anyways & why is it so exciting? I am happy to finally be able to fill you all in! For Valentines day we wanted to share true love and 5 companies put came together #becauseloveunites to show what’s important. Not competing, but all working together to spread the love and unite our beliefs in helping others. These 5 companies are Sevenly, TOMS, Sackcloth & Ashes, The Giving Keys, and Krochet Kids! I’ve been a fan of all these companies and couldn’t believe when I found out they were all ready to create something together. Read more about the Spread The Love Campaign here.

Photos by Closer to Love Photography

Photos by Closer to Love Photography

I was so grateful to have a chance to be involved, in some of the creative planning and assisting the Closer to Love Photograph team during the shoot. It was quite possibly the best day of my life! I met the greatest group of people who are all passionate to making a difference in this world and are willing to put aside their differences and work together to make that happen. So Inspiring.

Photo by Closer To Love Photography

Photos by Closer To Love Photography

see the 1st batch of photos from Closer To Love Photography //  Sevenly’s feature

Behind The Scenes

behind the scenes of the Spread The Love Campaign

So what happened behind the scenes? First of all God made us all trust Him for this whole campaign. In the business world we learn we have to stand out from other companies, we learn we are competing for customers. It is built in the system that to succeed you have to be better than any stores your customers might buy from instead of yours. Yes there is some truth to it but there is another belief, the belief that together we are stronger. That together we can come together and be world changers. Instead of competing we are uniting. This concept has been coming up in my life so much the past few weeks and it made me alter my thinking. I want to be able to help others, share what I know when it comes to business and help others grow as they help me grow as well. It’s a beautiful new concept of business and I’m looking forward to seeing what it can do.

behind the scenes of the Spread The Love Campaign

ANYWAYS, back to the shoot. SO we had a very clear plan, schedule every minute during the day from 8am-7pm and God laughed and taught us to let Him lead. Our shoot was at Salvation Mountain in the open desert and we were greeted by rain as soon as we got there. We knew God helped everything come together until that point so we knew He was still in control and it turns out that rain, which caused an overcast sky, turned out to be the best lighting conditions for our shoot. As we started shooing the rain slowed down and it wasn’t even noticeable in the photos.

the Closer To Love crew

the Closer To Love crew

 The Closer To Love Crew included; Sammy & Natalia ~ Owners of CTL // Second Photographers – Natalie ThorntonJennifer Bermudez // Lighting guru – Brian Evans // Love in Lights Sign by Daniel Cadena // Manpower duo – Paul Stan & Matt Coca // and me – creative genius (kidding) hehe

behind the scenes of the Spread The Love Campaign

we hope this inspired you to work together #BecauseLoveUnites <3

Perfect Pair of Jeans

Jeans that fit perfectly, feel soft to the touch, have a perfect shade of dark blue, and keep their shape? Yes please! Banana Republic to the rescue!

 I am absolutely in love with these, one pair wasn’t enough. After trying them on I was in love and bought 2 more pairs. Lucky for you they are now on sale with the code BRWEEKEND until January 19th. There are 2 colors;  Indigo and Dark Wash (I have both, love them both).


3 secrets to opening a successful boutique

1. Keep it Fresh

Newness drives business and without it your business can get boring to your customers. How can you achieve this? By moving product around on your floor, creating new displays, and bring in new products often. Just imagine going into a boutique and everything looks great and exciting then going again a week later and everything is exactly the same. That would be boring right? We want to see new things and new products. I’ve learned while working at Gap how important this is. We would get a new collection of products and display it up in the front but throughout the weeks we would also ‘move the floor around’ to keep it interesting. This is also relevant to an online boutique. People want to see new photoshoots, new products, and updates from the brand.


2. Offer Great Customer Service

People fall in love with a store not just for their products, but also for the whole store environment. They want to be welcomed as they come in and they want their questions answered about products. This means the sale associates must be knowledgeable about the company values & story, and deeply knowledgeable about the company products.  The sales associates must also be friendly, honest, and authentic. You know when you walk into some stores and the sales associates greet you with fake phrases? Nobody likes that. This is why you have to hire someone who also believes in your store.


3. Have a Cohesive Brand

Branding is key to having a successful company. It’s what draws your customers to you and what makes them stay. Create a story for your store, help people imagine themselves with this image and then use this image across all marketing. The best way to put this is like this; “What personality does your brand have?” It’s like getting to know someone new, there are things that you want to learn. What are their hobbies, what drives them, what inspires them, etc. These are the things you need to portray through your brand.



happy new year

What is your new year resolution? Mine is to kick off this blog and connect with more of you :)



Download: To-Do List // Today’s Goals

Photo by Lorina Daiana


Currently in my bag;

  1. Lovely purse from Target (I want it in every color; pink, blue, black, multi)
  2. Polaroid Camera (currently borrowing it from a friend)
  3. My driver licence, debit card, and nordstrom card (no space for a full wallet)
  4. Iphone headphones (comes in handy all the time)
  5. Gum
  6. Iphone 5s Gold  (still looking for a case)
  7. My favorite lip & cheek stain | Color: Just Kissed
  8. L’Occitane Pivoine Flora Hand Cream (1 oz)
  9. Live Rollerball Perfume by American Eagle
  10. Gap Sunglasses Case (free with a purchase of sunglasses, make sure to ask for it)
  11. Elie Tahari Sunglasses – I bought mine at TjMaxx but here are some on ebay 1 // 2


Whew that is all! I would love to see what is in your purse, if you blog about it send the link in the comments :)

window display

So sad this is one of my last projects for my Visual Merchandising class! This quarter went by so fast, I feel like we just started it. This class pushed my creativity to a whole new level and although challenging it was very rewarding. The last assignment before the final project was this window display. We had to pick an existing retailer and design any window display. I chose J.Crew and a Christmas Proposal theme :)