Outfit No.8- San Diego Day


No.8 by lorinadaiana featuring a straw hat

The perfect outfit for a sunny day in San Diego, California! Isn’t it just darling? Speaking of darling, have you checked out the amazing Darling Magazines? I am in awe of the darling team and what they have accomplished.

More Than Rubies – Becky Ankrum

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Happy Easter

happy easter

Free Planner

Time goes by way to fast, I already started my Spring Quarter and quickly needed to revise the planner I made last quarter. I am one of those people who need pretty planners to do well in school (ha). Soo after buying 3+ planners for this year and wishing they were just a little bit different I gave in and created my own. Many, many hours later I finally came up with this planner.

Free Spring 2014 Planner

I found it incredibly useful during my first quarter (it helped me take one day at a time knowing everything I had to do was written down). I am a Fashion Merchandise & Management Major (aka Business side of Fashion) and made the cover to match my own aesthetics but you can easily personalize it to match you.

Spring 2014 Planner

Why would you give this away for free you ask??? Because I know how useful it is in school and I want everyone to be able to afford it. You’re so thankful that you are itching to donate a little $ to my college fund?! Wow that’s awesome of you! ;) hehe but in all seriousness, all the money will go to my college fund..and some coffee once in a while cuz let’s admit it, college students don’t get enough sleep and could use a little pick-me-up.

I created this in Illustrator but I do understand some people don’t have it so I came up with two other options. One, if you do not have illustrator, download the illustrator file and go to a Kinko’s where they should have it on their computers and you can modify it there. Another option is to download the pdf file not for Illustrator and fill in the dates by hand.

Adobe Illustrator 6 file  // Adobe Illustrator 5 file // PDF file

p.s. These might look weird until you save them also keep in mind you can create your own cover page in Word or a similar program.

To print the planner I went to Staples but you can print it at home as well and then go to Staples to get it binded (which should be around $2).


Condition of use: This download is for personal use only and not for commercial use. You may not make any direct or indirect profit from the use of our downloads. If you want to pass it on to a friend please forward them to our link. Thank you

Brand Inspirations

Today was my last day of Spring Break, it flew by sooo fast! I relaxed around the house and then felt inspired and took my laptop, Lauren Conrad’s Style book, and my design book and went out. Sometimes I feel most inspired out of the house, especially in a quiet place with the breeze blowing lightly. This time I headed over to chick-fil-a and sat at a table outside, eventually ended up inside.

I spend almost all day looking for photos that describe my future brand and I finally narrowed it down to these photos. This is mostly for the style, colors, fonts, but I am also working on the clothing styles themselves.

While searching for inspirations I found a lovely playlist
that seems to go perfectly with this. I thought I should share it ;)