Floral Photoshoot

I have some exciting secret news, don’t worry I’ll spill soon, which made me realize I need a new “about me” photo. I am usually behind the camera and I rarely get photos without an iphone of myself. Let’s just say I joined an amazing blogging website (can’t wait to share! eek!) and I needed a photo for them to introduce me as part of their team. After searching through endless files and folders, and realizing none of my current photos will do, I called up a trusted friend and scheduled a shoot.


The idea was simple, to capture who I am in my simplest forms. This is how I wear my hair almost daily (having long hair it takes forever to blowdry and style so I love to do a braided updo). I love neutral pieces and this white blazer with pink polka dot liner is my absolute favorite.



These lovely photos were taken by my friend Dienna & edited by  me (with a gazillion iPhone apps and Lightroom & Photoshop.. I wanted that perfect airy filter).



Shoes - Report // Blazer  - Bethany Mota // Shirt – H&M // Jeans – Old Navy

Umami Burger – Santa Monica

Next up for the Discover Your City series is Umami Burger in Santa Monica. Not to far from Santa Monica pier, this is the perfect place to grab some lunch.

exterior umami burger

A simple little place that I’ve heard many good things about.

umami burger

We both ordered the SoCal burger and sweet potato fries. I kinda wish I tried the Truffle Burger thought, I heard good reviews on it.

cake monkey ice scream

My favorite was this delicious ice scream sandwich from Cake Monkey which they serve in Umami Burger. If I were to go again I would just get sweet potato friends and then this deliciousness.

Time for new heels

heels please

So many ladies have a huge collection of heels but guess how many I had? 2. TWO PAIRS! For years! Strange right? I’ve always loved bags more than shoes, I never really browsed around for shoes. But I needed a new pair for a wedding I was going to and while I was searching for one I realized how fun it was. A few days later I went back in the store and found another pretty pair. Both of these are so elegant and so me, I absolutely love them!

Report Shoes // Kelly & Katie Shoes

Creative Balorina . com

Many of you might have reached this website from Pinterest and most likely through creativebalorina.com so I thought I would bring some of the popular Creative Balorina projects here. First let me share with my new followers who Creative Balorina was.

old website

Creative BaLorina was my old website, one I started approximately 4 or 5 years ago. I had many tutorials on it, many diy projects I’ve done, a 365 day challenge where I made something creative every day, fashion and sold backpacks my mom and I made. It was my first blog and it changed drastically over the years. It taught me so so much about blogging and photography. It was a big part of my life, especially after the 365 day creative blogging challenge. Sadly a person purposefully hacked it and erased my files and crashed my website one day (I think it had to do with their order never arriving to them, even though I gave them proof that I sent it). It was devastating to say the least… I tried so hard to restore it but it was impossible. Since I taught myself everything I knew about creating websites I didn’t actually know how to back it up or protect it. I never thought someone would purposefully harm it. I learned that even in hard situations God is in control so I tried not to let it affect me and try to figure out my next step. I couldn’t bear the thought of starting over, it was painful thinking of everything I lost, so I stopped blogging for a while. After a few months I found myself wanting to blog again and I created a whole new website, a new brand, a new style which is this website. A clean start, with a clean sleek design, which will focus on fashion, traveling and exploring, uniting Christian entrepreneurs, and more.

Here are some snippets that were on CreativeBalorina.com

creative balorina

Although creativebalorina.com is now gone I still get hundreds of people go on the website daily due to pinterest. I can see which pages were most popular and I even got emailed a few times for the old schedule templates I’ve made. So here are some free downloads created back in the day :)

The most popular by demand has been these weekly templates, you can download the psd files and pdf files below;


Pdf file //  Photoshop File


Pdf file // Photoshop file


Pdf file // Photoshop file

Next was the Business Binder files for your creative businesses;

Blog Calendar;

4 blog calendar

Photoshop file for Blog Calendar

Next is the Short term to-do list, Long term to-do list, Artist (or you can put shop) of the month, and lastly Accounting Records page.


Short Term To-Do List // Pdf file // Photoshop file

Long Term To-Do List // Pdf file // Photoshop file

Artist of the month // Pdf file // Photoshop file

Accounting Records // Pdf file // Photoshop file

The Second most popular post was about the Date Box I created for my friend’s bridal shower. I took a shoe box and cut it and made it into a square box then added these date ideas in it. It’s simple but a sweet gift to give.

date box

Pdf of date ideas

If you’re super excited for these free files and have it on your heart to give back please donate here. Thank you for all your support <3

Outfit No.11

Outfit No.11 A Dash of Pink

My favorite color lately is this blush pink, almost nude. It’s so feminine, flirty, and classy! I absolutely love it and want everything in this color haha.

Tank Top // Booties // Watch // Cardigan