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I love all things white, gold and blush pink! If I had the chance to redo my office these are the items I would include. A white desk (or carrara marble one) with white or clear accessories and gold & blush details.

Carli B


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I’ve been wanting to dye my hair for almost a year now! I am so happy I finally got to do it and am more than impressed with how it came out, props to Raven!


I searched and searched for great reivews on yelp for a salon nearby and finally settled on Salon Gisele in Villa Park. I highly recommend them, amazing customer service and the most talented group of people. I loved every single makeover I saw them do.


My hair before was a mess. A mess. I tried dyeing it on my own, and cutting it haha. Let’s just say she had alot of work to do.

Honey Ombre

Super pretty right?!! :D

Raven from Salon Gisele

Thank you Raven! You are a miracle worker ;)

Honey Ombre

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I’m not entirely sure what this style is called, perhaps something along the lines of Formal English, but I absolutely love it. It’s so clean, elegant, simple. I’ve been collecting these photos for inspirations for my future shop, which I can’t wait to start working on. Anyone have any idea what this style of architecture is called and where it originated?

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Time for real talk, from the heart.
Lately I’ve been craving simplicity, that feeling of contentment and satisfaction in what I have. So many times I wanted to pack up, get in my car and go on a road trip along the coast. I’ve been craving to pause this chaos of fastforward speed of life and simply reflect. I’ve been craving to be surrounded by God’s creation, giant mountains and sky filled stars that help put my world in perspective. Life in fast speed tends to overtake important things such as quiet moments to reflect and connect with God.
I caught myself, with my new job, making long wishlists of items I could easily live without. See making more money is good but it can overtake who we are. I had to catch myself on this reality and I’m slowly learning the beauty of simplicity. Let’s be honest, most fashion blogs thrive on sharing their favorite must buy items and I’m not saying that it’s bad but it can consume us greatly. We then feel like if we don’t have those items, we are missing something when the truth is we are getting caught up in something that will never fully satisfy us. I tried thinking back on items I really wanted and saw that now I don’t care to much for these items and moved on to new ones. See there’s always a new version or something else that grabs our attention but if we lose sight to what really completes us, and makes us truly satisfied, we become numb and fall in a meaningless routine. Let this be a small reminder to pause and invest in the one thing that will last past this life; a relationship with your Creator.

<3 from the heart

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Outfit No.12

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Newport Beach


Sprinkles cupcakes is one of the most popular cupcake places here in the OC, and for a good reason too. They make super delicious cupcakes!


This one had marshmallows in the middle, it was a smores cupcake, yummm.

 Sprinkles Cupcakes , Newport Beach || Pinterest Map of All Discover Your City Posts