Afterlight Double Exposure

afterlight exposure

How beautiful do these two photos look?! I am absolutely in love with the new update from Afterlight. Picking the right two photos is not easy, I would advice to choose something minimal. The best photos are those with little distractions and white backgrounds but many others will work as well. These are the two photos I used;

afterlight exposure

The first photo is one I saved a while ago as inspiration to a new hair color (hopefully doing it soon). The second photo is of these beautiful paper peonies my mom made.

double exposure

The double exposure option is found by clicking the crop & rotate icon then it’s the last icon (that looks like two pages on top of each other). Click that and play around with the different settings.

4th of July Party

4th of july

I love simple backyard parties with great people and good food and country music. The day was full of laughter, long talks, pool splashing, great food, and lots and lots of fireworks.

4th of july

Since this is a day we celebrate the greatness of America I thought it would be appropriate to share how I came to this beautiful country. See I was born in Romania (yes the place people know as having Dracula’s castle and a great gymnast haha). In fact I grew up there as a child, until I was 10 years old.

4th of july

Jobs in Romania are not easy to come by and a career isn’t easy to obtain and our parents wanted the best for us. It wasn’t easy to make it here but we sold everything we had, including a few businesses (pizza restaurant, knitting shop and leather shop) and with the help of God finally made it here. And the rest is history. But it’s easy to say we’ve been beyond blessed :)


The Perfect Picnic

After seeing so many cute picnics on Pinterest we decided to finally have our own.
We love trying fun ideas for dates and this was one of our favorites.

Picnic by

  1. Voss Water bottles + strawberries + lemon slices
  2. Cute jars from walmart + Sparkling Pink Lemonade
  3. Sandwiches
  4. Cheese, Crackers & Fruit Platter
  5. Chocolate Covered Chips from Trader Joes
  6. Picnic basket rented for free from the Anaheim Packing District
  7. Our reading choices & games (bible + couples book / dominos)
  8. Picnic blanket (we had 2, one for the food and one for us)

Did you know the Anaheim Packing District lets you rent free picnic baskets and blankets? I was so excited to find that out since picnic baskets can be a little prices. So we went and rented a set and headed over to the nearest park.


Picnic LorinaDaiana.compicnic My sandwich of choice was with ; french roll + ham + pepperoni + cheese + spinach + a little mayo
Aurelian’s sandwich of choice; french roll + mayo + ham + cheese + tomato + mustard


On our cheese platter we have a variety pack of crackers (from Trader Joes), Canadian Cheddar Cheese, Double Creeme Brie Cheese, Dutch Smoked Cheese (all from Trader Joes as well), grapes and apple slices.


Throughout the picnic we listened to this cute picnic playlist from spotify.

Picnic with my love Overall it was an amazing day and I can’t wait to go on another adventure with him :)

Roadtrip from LA to San Francisco

Do you love roadtrips? Me too! SO SO much! I think I fell even more in love with roadtrips after our LA to San Francisco trip this spring. There’s something so beautiful about leaving home and exploring new places. Three friends and I, we call ourselves the Sisters of the Traveling Hats, packed up and headed on an adventure of a lifetime. We took the longest way to San Francisco on Pacific Coast Hwy (aka Hwy 1) all along the coast. It was beyond beautiful to see all the trees, cliffs, roads, flowers, and so much more.



This route is called the scenic route, it’s the longest on the way to San Francisco but it’s also the most beautiful. There are roads that make you feel like you’re in a different country. Absolutely beautiful.


On our trip Sandra brought her polaroid camera and we took so so many photos with it. There was something special about a roadtrip with a polaroid camera! Check out a flip through our photos below;


The cool thing about the trip is we camped out every other day. It ended up working out perfectly, one night camping and roughing it, the next we got our showers and cozy beds haha


One of the camping nights we drove on a long long road to find this monastery. It was pretty bizarre that it was in the middle of no where but kinda cool to see. It was also one of the few places we had wifi so we were all on our phones sitting in the monastery for a while uploading the photos we took.


And after being stuck in traffic for almost 4 hours we finally made it to the bridge. It is an iconic piece of San Francisco and I’m glad I was able to cross that off my bucket list :)


Sandra created this fun video of the trip (she’s amazing, so so talented)

There are so many great places you can visit on this road, here are some suggestions, but I think the most fun of all is to just go explore. 

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