10 Instagram Campaign Ideas

Are you desperately scrolling through your camera roll to see what image to post on instagram today? Did you know there’s a WAY easier way to create content? Let me tell you what I’ve learned the past 5 years working in social media.

Planning ahead is key! 

You have to plan at least one month ahead in order to be effective and to feel prepared.

You can download our google sheet calendar for FREE by signing up to our newsletter here;

** Simply make a copy of the sheets to your own drive, organize it into folders, and then fill it out.




OKAY now that we have an empty calendar in front of us, how do we get started? 

By filling it in with campaign ideas!


Hope these ideas help you get started! Once you have the campaign ideas down you can draft ideas for photos and set up a shoot day to gather them all. In the google sheets, you can right click on a date and “add note” to add your photo ideas to it.

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