3 Reasons You Need a Blogging Niche

3 Reasons You Need a Blogging Niche

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If you want to start a blog for a hobby then ignore all these rules but if you want to turn your blog into a business and make money from it, become an influencer of sorts, then you’ll want to pay attention. There’s a reason in the influencer / blogging world a few make a significant income from it. Like any other business, it has to be intentional in every way. You have to find the service or product you want to sell and then market it. In this specific case your service is to write helpful/funny/informative/etc content to an audience who seeks it. There are many reasons why it’s important for your blog to have a niche but here are our top three;

Narrows Your Audience

First and foremost to have a successful blog you need to have readers, right? What’s the point of a beautifully designed blog if no one sees it or reads it? The biggest mistake we see in blogging is thinking you can please everyone.

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Selecting a specific niche makes it very clear to someone what your blog is all about. It makes you a specialist in that specific area and they know exactly who to go to when they want that content. The more unique you are with your niche, the more recognizable you become! This can be through your specific editing style such as Jaci Marie Smith with her orange hues, or a specific topic such as discovering local foods by Love Tram.

What do you want to be known for? If you want to write about more topics, think of how you can unify those under one brand. If you can describe your brand efficiently under 60 seconds then you have a strong niche. What would your elevator pitch be?


Inspires Your Blog Post Topics

It’s a well known fact that to have a successful blog you must be consistent in your posting. That could mean posting once a week or more commonly three times a week. This can become a challenge if you have no direction to your blog topics but if you have a niche it can inspire you to find topics all around it. For example let’s say your topic is Travel, within travel you can talk about how to pack, how to pick trips, feature other travelers, products for traveling and so on and so forth. For example, here’s a blog post on 50 Topics for Travel Blogging. The more you dig into the specific topic, the more ideas you’ll develop. On this note, it does help to keep an ongoing to do list of blog ideas and organize them ahead so you know exactly what you’re writing about for the upcoming month. *Quick side note, if you have WordPress I recommend the plugin WD Dashboard Notes to keep your blog ideas on your dashboard.

Having your specific topics helps you become professional and create a monthly editorial calendar. A great blog post one this topic is How To Use An Editorial Calendar To Grow Your Blog & Business


Improves Your Marketing

Having a strong audience, and consistent blog posts now leads to a strong brand. That in turn will lead to companies wanting to collaborate and work with you. For a company it’s a better investment to work with a blog that has a very specific and engaged audience than a blog that is broad and might hit their target audience.

Besides working with companies, having a stronger niche allows you to work with specific affiliate programs and recommend products you specialize in.

Lastly, having consistent blog theme let’s Google’s SEO understand your website and recommend you higher on searches.


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