Canon Sponsorship Proposal



I’m Lorina Daiana, a content creator, story teller, and community cultivator. I’m a #GirlBoss who you’ll often find working out of coffee shops, networking with brands, and cultivating a community around my blog.


There are a few essential things I have with me 90% of the time including my laptop, 2 cameras (Canon SL1 + Canon G7x), my phone, and usually a latte 😉



Long Term Collaboration:

I would love to represent the White Canon SL2 as an influencer in my work & travels. I would take more photos of the camera, share it more in my work and with the freelancer community, and share the website link where to purchase it. We can also work on different marketing campaigns to push this product. I live in Southern California and can meet up in person and willing to travel to other Canon locations as needed.


More specific projects:

• Blog Post on titled “Travel Essentials For The #GirlBoss” and include the SL2 in it along with other great brands.

• I can host an event with Grace Belle, a ‘How To Shoot Bright Photos For Instagram” Workshop and share how I use the Canon SL2 to achieve that.

• Instagram Ad. We can run an Instagram ad with either the @gracebelle account or my personal @Lorina_Daiana account with a girly photo of the Canon SL2.
• I just launched a YouTube Channel and I can add the Canon SL2 + Canon G7x under my Gear List on every video. (Take a look at my Big Bear Vlog to see the camera mentioned a few times – look at 4:22 seconds in).

Dreaming Big Project:

With @GraceBelle I have connected with so many creative women from all over the US and always dreamed of doing a US trip and hosting meetups at Coffee Shops.


Here are a few things I’m known for:
1) I am a #GirlBoss and work hard
2) I love coffee shops
3) I love community, especially connecting over Instagram
4) I’m the go to for Social Media advice or branding + marketing


Every time I travel with my team we get other girls asking us to meet up so I’ve played with the idea of partnering with a few brands and doing a US tour. I would take 2-3 other girls from my Grace Belle Team with me, we would host workshops and meetups along the way, and document everything in photos + youtube + blog. I believe strongly in pursuing dreams and I want to inspire others along the way.


This is a dream project and hoping it happens one day. I have a few brands in mind that I’d like to work with for this project and Canon would absolutely be one of them since it always is a part of our travels.


If this is something that Canon would like to be involved in and would sponsor, well I would cry 😉 haha <3 Love you guys! Thank you for taking the time to look through this proposal.


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Name: Lorina Daiana Stan

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 714) 616-6310


Lorina Daiana

2372 Raintree Drive, Brea, CA 92821

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