How To Add Unique Fonts to Instagram Stories

Oh, Instagram Stories, the new beast to tame.

We’ve been hearing it for a couple years now “Video is the future” “Content with video will get more engagement.”

Is it true?

Technically yes.

To be more exact, storytelling is the future, content that has great storytelling will get more engagement.

Tell a story through your Instagram Stories

Is this easier to do with videos? Sure it is!

Is it possible to do with Instagram Stories with a mix of videos, text, interactive posts, photos, etc?

Abso-friken-lutely! (That’s a word, right?)

With all the tips and tricks I’ve been gathering for improving our Instagram Story game, I decided to launch a new category, Mastering Instagram Stories.


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Without further ado, here’s the first lesson on Instagram Stories.

How To Add Unique Font on Instagram Stories

Step 1: Go To IGFonts.IO and type the text and press enter

Step 2: Scroll through the font options and choose which one you want

Step 3: Copy that font and paste it within your stories

Step 4: Change the colors and you’re all set!

I’d love to see how creative you get! Tag us at @Blogger.Studios and we’d love to reshare your wonderful work (it’ll be good, right?)

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