How To Get More Traffic To Your Website

How To Grow Your Website Traffic


1. What are some ways to grow traffic to a website whether that’s an online store, blog, service business, etc.?

There are 2 ways to grow your traffic to your website; Organic Traffic and Paid Traffic.


Examples of Organic Traffic:
  • Social Media Channels
  • Email Marketing
  • Word of Mouth
  • Networking

Examples of Paid Traffic:

  • Social Media Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Slot on a Podcast
  • Influencer Marketing, paying for a shout out or collaboration
  • Magazine, Newspaper, Radio, Billboard, etc.


2. Can you elaborate on paid traffic and your tips for it?

I’ve worked with many companies to either run paid ads or supervise large budget campaigns. In my personal experience, in the past year or so, I’ve seen the best performing ads to be Insta Story Ads. If you do Instagram Story ads well, which means creating them in their specific format, it can have a great impact. Videos will perform better but a creative dynamic ad can convert highly too. Digital marketing constantly changes so this might not be as relevant next year. That said, I’m here to make your life easier and whisper in your ear every time something shifts in the industry. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated.
If you want to attempt to do ads yourself, you’ll need all the training you can get. Running ads successfully is a science that takes knowledge and precision. I’d recommend you hire a company to do the work for you, they can make sure you get profit a lot faster than doing it yourself. If you need a recommendation for a company to hire for ads take a look at Activ (they’re an incredible marketing company that does it all).


3. Can you elaborate on organic traffic and where to start?

Ideally, you want to tackle all the social channels that relate to you and a great email newsletter. That said, I understand most of you are juggling many things in your business and need something that takes less time and is most efficient to get started.
This is where Pinterest comes in. The audience of Pinterest is programmed from day 1 to click links and make purchasing decisions. A pin can also last years vs Instagram where it’s irrelevant and doesn’t get seen after 3 or so days. Be sure to take our Pinterest Growth Course to learn how to tackle this.


4. How does Instagram & Pinterest marketing differ?

Although both of these platforms are visual and thrive on great aesthetics, they are very different in performance.
  • Instagram Posts last up to 3 days, Pinterest Posts can last years
  • The Instagram audience is used to quickly liking and scrolling past photos while the Pinterest audience is saving pins that stand out to them
  • It’s hard to have a link on an Instagram post while EVERY post on Pinterest has a link tied to it.
  • People go on Instagram to connect to a brand and they go on Pinterest to search for brands to buy from or save in inspiration boards. This makes the purchase value on Pinterest much higher.


5. Why would you recommend Pinterest Marketing above all other social channels?

Because it works. 
Not only does Pinterest marketing works but it requires less time to make it effective. After you set up your profile for success, you only need around 5 hours a month to keep it going. For the other social channels, you have the pressure of creating new content every single day (because it expires). On Pinterest, you curate content from all over the web and in between that you post content you create. The pressure to create content is less than the other social channels while your content lasts much longer.
I personally understand being busy (I’ve managed up to 8 brands at one time for all social channels) and I want business owners to have a simple and very effective strategy for their growth. I’ve analyzed many brands and seen the untapped power of Pinterest which I hope to share with you all.

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  • Thanks for the tips! I have been working on my blog for a couple of months lately and only have seven subscribers (they are all my family). I don’t have enough money to pay for more traffic to my blog so I’m glad you touched on how to grow traffic organically. My site is It’s a travel blog in early stages but I hope it grows soon with the help of these tips!

    • Most people don’t have the kind of money needed for ads to work. The last client I worked with had a $100k monthly budget for ads, that’s so far from most people. I always try to find what is most efficient for the rest of us because we have so much to do. The two things I recommend for a travel blog is Pinterest and Email Newsletter first. Focus on getting your Pinterest off the ground and then create blog posts that capture emails (such as travel guides or packing lists.) I put together a whole lesson on Pinterest here: