How to Pitch a Brand to Collaborate


Establish a Great Brand

Before working with brands you have to be and influencer which means your HAVE to have influence. Your audience has to trust you, listen to you, and check out anything you recommend. This means your engagement % should be higher than 2%, the higher the better. To find out your engagement and others % you can signup for a free trial at PeopleMap which we wrote a blog post about before here.

It’s important to establish a great brand before you pitch to a company so you can stand confident that it will be a benefit to collaborating with you. Read our 5 tips on becoming a great influencer at our previous blog post here.


Research the Company

The next step is to research the company you want to work with and make sure it matches your brand. You have to think of the company first so it is important that they offer a service or products that your audience will resonate with. You want the collaboration to be mutually beneficial and the best case scenario is working with a company you already love and your audience responding well to it. It helps if you interact with their brand genuinely on their social media accounts before you even reach out.

If they’re a new brand to you, you’ll want to get more familiar with their products, their brand voice, and try to see if they have any upcoming campaigns like a new product releases. Try to find other people that worked with them before and look to see if they have anything in common.


Send a Pitch

Now that you have a strong brand, and you believe to be a good match for the company you want to work with, it’s time to reach out! Keep in mind you’re about to email someone who is getting many similar emails and who doesn’t have a lot of time. This means use bullet points, keep is short and informational, and FOCUS ON THEM.

Email breakdown;

Hello [insert name if you can find it / otherwise use ‘Company Name’ Team] 

2-3 sentences – Talk about them and how you love their company and that you want to work with them

3-5 sentences – Share more about your company and your statistics while keeping in mind how your two companies will be a great match.

1 sentence – Conclusion

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