Instagram Marketing with PeopleMap

What is it is a Marketing tool for Instagram used mostly by brands and influencers.

Why we love it

We use it to organize influencers we want to work with and to create Case Studies for brands.


Instagram Marketing with PeopleMap

Profile Analysis

Search for any instagram account and see their average likes and engagement rate. On average you want to look for over 2% engagement. Anything under should start raising red flags depending on how many followers they have (the higher their follower number the harder it is to have a higher engagement). For example @Lavendaire has a really good engagement rate of 8.53% with 63,116 followers!

There has been so many times that people would reach out to our accounts and ask us to pay for a “shout-out” on their 100k+ follower accounts. First thing I would do is look them up on PeopleMap and every single time those accounts had less than 0.1% engagement.

This is also useful if you manage accounts for other brands or if you want to manage accounts for them. There’s no doubt that engagement % has been one of the most important things for an account and now you have the power to know it.

There’s also a Notes section which you can write any reminders or notes (will only be seen by you). This is great if you meet someone at an event and want to write that down so you don’t forget.

Instagram Marketing with PeopleMap

List Management

Who remembers the days of screenshooting instagram accounts and organizing them in folders? With PeopleMap you can easily add them to lists! For example I added Aileen’s account to “YouTube” and “Blogger Studios.” She is an amazing YouTuber who happens to be local so if we ever create a campaign we know we can reach out to her. I also added her in our “Blogger Studios” list so we can feature her on this blog later.

You can create any list names such as “someone to collaborate with”, “magazines to get featured in”, “brands I want to work with” and so on.

Besides being able to save accounts in lists, you can also save specific posts just like in Instagram Collections.


Instagram Marketing with PeopleMap

List Building / Find Target Audience

At Blogger Studios we offer Instagram Marketing for top bloggers and one of the ways we help them grow is by finding their competitors and target audience. In order to do that we Analyze their account and similar accounts to them. The Analysis tool on PeopleMap shows the people who interacted with those accounts within the past 30 days. The cool things is that it allows you to view them by filters. You can search by “highest followers” or “highest engagement” or even key words from their profile.

This can be very useful if you’re looking for someone local for example. You can search for “Los Angeles” and see who comes up.

Here’s a tutorial on List Building for Collaborations from PeopleMap.


Instagram Marketing with PeopleMap

Campaign Tracking

Another great tool for Influencers and Brands is being able to track the growth from a specific campaign. You can setup a specific hashtag, or have it track anytime a specific account mentions another account, to track the analytics. This is perfect for building case studies with brands you work with so next time you go to pitch a brand you have actual numbers.

Read more about how to create Campaigns for Pitching on PeopleMap.


Instagram Marketing with PeopleMap


Lastly there is an in depth stats section that shows your growth over time, your top posts, the best time to post on instagram for your audience, and more. You can also set goals and it will break down how much you need to grow daily to reach those goals.

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