How To Organize Your Blog & Team With Milanote

As a visual person, I have been on the search for a great team & blog management tool for a long time now.

I’ve tried everything from Trello, Asana, Basecamp, Zoho, and the good old fashion way with Google Drive.

Although there is a place for those tools in our industry, it just didn’t cut it for our team.

As a creative team we were looking for something customizable to fit our needs.

Milanote is a newer tool on the market and we fell in love with the ability to customize our work flow from scratch. I personally even use it for my life goals, freelancing gigs, and any projects I want to plan. I think you guys would fall in love with it too! I can’t wait to show you how you can use it, starting with ‘How To Organize Your Blog & Team.’

Here’s a video breakdown on how you can organize your Blog & Team with Milanote:


✘ Landing Page

We started with a landing page that includes a Team Section on the left, all of our Folders in the middle and an inspiration mood board on the right.

Under the team section we have an Inspirational Quote that I update daily for my team, our latest announcements, and a comment area.

For our main brand organization we decided to have the following folders; Blog, Social Media, Partnerships, Branding, Team Training and Finances.


✘ Blog Calendar

For the Blog Calendar section we decided to have a vertical board where it continues with blog cards that describe all our upcoming posts. Once one of the blogs are complete we just drag it into the ‘Old Blog Posts’ folder and keep going. In the cards we have overview information about each blog post and a to do list so we can stay organized and not miss deadlines.

✘ Social Media

In our Social Media folder we have everything from inspiration, overall campaigns, research and our weekly analytics at a glance. Starting on the left we have our Social Media News, this is where we share any news and articles within the social media industry to make sure we’re staying on top of trends.

Then underneath that we have our Strategy folders for each social channel where we gather research, samples of great campaigns and draft out our own strategies.

Next is our Campaigns which are ones we need to implement across all social platforms, quick links to the tools we use daily and lastly a checklist of our monthly tasks within social media.

Quick Breakdown of Our Most Used Tools:

  • Planoly = Used to schedule Instagram Posts & Stories
  • Iconosquare = Used to track Instagram analytics
  • Tailwind = Used to Schedule all our Pinterest Pins ahead
  • Google Analytics = Used to track all analytics to our site
  • PeopleMap = Used to keep lists of Instagram accounts and to track our Instagram campaigns


✘ Partnerships

In the blogging world partnerships are one of the most common ways to make income. I’ve worked on both sides of partnership deals and I quickly learned how important the contract details are. That’s why for this section I created client cards with the post details and the must haves. The client cards are easy to drag and drop in the Past Deals folder after the collaboration is done.

I also listed quick links to Dropbox (where we store all client files), and a link area for Contracts as well as a research folder for Potential Clients.

✘ Branding

For the Branding folder I suggest you have a quick overview of your brand details including logos, fonts, colors, mission, etc. This is also where you can plan photoshoots, rebranding, etc. If you right click on an image you can save the original file so in this case our team can download our logo and icons anytime they need it from here.

✘ Team Training

One thing I learned in being efficient and helping your business run smoothly is to have team training docs set so that each time a new member comes on board you can forward them to that page. I work with interns for my business and instead of training each set of interns every 3 months, I can save time and film tutorials and set them in here by category.

I also encourage my team to always learn and grow so I require one hour a week to be dedicated to that whether it’s watching a Ted Talk, listening to a podcast, reading a book, or anything of the sorts. Then we all share things we’ve learned and articles we loved here for the rest of the team to see.

Milanote is also set to work in teams so you get notifications when your team viewed a specific page annnd you can see their mouse live as it scrolls across pages. You can also use the comment tool to tag your team members and talk to them.

✘ Finances

Lastly I made sure to include a folder for you to organize your Finances. You can create boards to include the different months and then use this as a landing page overview to your finances. You can show your recurring payments, overall budget or profits, etc.


p.s. Milanote made it easy by including some startup templates right in their site like this Social Media Calendar and many many more you can preview here.

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  • This is amazing! I love using google drive but wanted a hub to keep everything visible, easy to access, and organized and no other tool was cutting it. Love this tutorial! Just had one question – I wasn’t able to copy the template as is mentioned in the video. It says it’s read only. Is there a way to do that that I’m not seeing? Thank you!

    • Yes! I love using google drive as well but wanted a more visual version. I’m going to email you to see if I can give you temporary access so you can copy the template.

      • Lorina, would you be willing to do the same for me? I absolutely love your design and how you have things set up! I’ve used Asana for a while, but it is so distracting and just not as cohesive as Milanote.