Curently I have two services available, Pinterest Management or Business Coaching.



When it comes to Pinterest there are I have a few options for you. If you want to do it yourself I created an online course which you can find here, but if you’re too busy then you can choose services to help you out.


Pinterest Audit

If you’re looking for someone to examine your current Pinterest account and give you feedback and constructive criticism, this is the choice for you. I’ll give you tips on which boards to keep and which ones to delete, and help you clean up your overall account.


Pinterest Boost

Do you want someone to setup your account for you and help you get started with you first few boards? In this choice I’ll help you create a Business Pinterest account, set it up with SEO and link your website. I’ll also help you create your first 8 boards along with giving you hashtags for each one.

$1,400 / month

Full Management

This is the option if you want someone to fully manage your Pinterest account. This includes optimizing it for conversion, researching keywords and embedding SEO, strategy for reaching goals including ads management. *Ad spend not included.



Being an entrepreneur means you have to wear all the hats in the business until you have the money to outsource. This means there are many tasks that you probably don’t specialize in and you have questions. This is where I come in. I’ve worked in e-commerce, blogging, influencer marketing, social media, teams big and small and have gained so much knowledge over the years. I would love to help you to the next step of your business.


60 Minute Call

This call is great if you just need a kick start to your business. I will help you create a workflow and strategy to run your business. This call is also great if you have specific questions about a topic such as website building, team building, operations, photography, partnerships, etc. Just let me know in the contact form below what you’re question is and I’ll be completely honest if it’s something I do not know in depth. (However, I’ll recommend you to someone who specializes in that).

$650 / month

Monthly Support

This package is if you want me as part of your journey. We would have 2 calls a month and other communication through email. This package is if you want me to help you with strategy for your business, hold your hand through to application process, and analyze your numbers to coach you how to optimize them for better results. You’ll be able to send me as many questions that come your way, I’ll be just a short message away.


I’d love to work with you, fill out the form below with as much information as you can so we can get started.