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One of my favorite things to do is find tools that can make our business easier, more efficient, or prettier. Everyone in my network knows I’m the go to girl when they are looking for something.

Q. “Hey Lorina, do you know a place to get jobs a a freelancer?”
A. “YES,!”
Q. “Hey Lorina, do you know an app that can remove unwanted objects from photos?”
A. “Yes, TouchRetouch, it’s more accurate than Photoshop!”

Social Media Marketing & Management:

Blog Resources: Planoly


Instagram Management Tool

You can use Planoly to schedule your whole Instagram content for the whole month and have it automatically post itself. Learn more about it in our blog post here.


Pinterest Marketing Tool

Tailwind is one of the best investments you can do for your website traffic. It allows you to schedule all your Pins for the whole month in one sitting. Signup with our link to get $15 off 🙂


Instagram Marketing Tool

PeopleMap helps you strategically grow and connect on instagram or track certain campaigns. For full details take a look at our Instagram Marketing With Peoplemap blog post.


Instagram Analytics Tool

Iconosquare is a tool that lets you analyze your instagram in depth from your growth, to your content performance, to competitors and more.


Insta Story Collages

With Unfold you can create beautiful collages for Instagram Stories.

Continual App

Crop Your Videos for Stories

Continual App is an app that lets you upload longer videos then exports them into 15 second long clips so you can upload them on Instagram Stories.


Instagram Bio Link

LYNX is a pretty way to display your links in your Instagram Bio. You can even customize it with your own domain url.

Photo Editing Apps:


Photo Editing App

VSCO is the number one used Instagram photo editing app. By far the most popular filter I hear people using is A6.


Photo Editing App

Snapseed is amazing for editing specific colors or areas in an image.

A Color Story

Photo Editing App

A Color Story is one of my favorite photo editing apps for the bright filters, ability to stack filters, and the ability to edit the curves in photos.

Touch Retouch

Photo Retouching App

Touch Retouch is one of my FAVORITE photo apps. It allows you to quickly remove unwanted items from photos such as electric wires, trash cans, etc.


Photo Adjusting App

SKWRT is a photo app that lets you fix the perspectives of photos.

Business Management:


Customizable Work Space

Milanote is one of a kind. It allows you to create your own work flow with customizable boards and elements. You can organize your whole life in it, give permission to others to see certain boards and comment with others.

Google Suite

Business Management

I love using Google Suite to organize my business into folders, spreadsheets, collaborative word documents, etc. I also use it to get my email ( and I can create different aliases or add interns as well.


Photo & File Organization

I’ve been using Dropbox for years! It’s where I back up all my website files and where I upload and organize our business photos. It lets you share specific folders so we use it to share client photos when we collaborate with different brands.

Business Marketing:

Lucky Orange

Analytics for Websites

Lucky Orange is an incredible platform that delivers analytics on your website from where customers click most on the site all the way to their path across your site to checkout.

Website Tools:


Website Hosting

SiteGround is a great hosting website for WordPress, they make it easy to get started and they have a great support system.

WP Engine is a wordpress hosting platform.

WP Engine

WordPress Hosting

WP Engine is a WordPress specific hosting site that is made with extra security and incredible support. This one costs more than something like SiteGround but you’ll get the extra security built in. I’d recommend this if you’re trying to do a e-commerce or workshops type of site.


SEO Keyword Search

Ubersuggest is a tool developed by Neil Patel (leading bloggers in the industry) and it’s used to look up keywords. This is helpful to help you choose the right blog post titles and topics or looking up keywords for ads.

Manage WP

Website Management

Manage WP is a tool I use DAILY for managing all my websites. It lets you quickly sign in to any of my sites, updates all my plugins, creates a daily backup of my websites and you can even add security protection and other extras.

WordPress Themes:

Hello You Design

WordPress Designer Themes

Hello You Design is a collection of WordPress themes for entrepreneurial women.

Theme Forest

Creative Marketplace

Theme Forest is like ebay for design elements and WordPress themes. There are SO many options to choose from and you can type in different keywords or wants for your theme.

17th Avenue

Feminine WordPress Themes

17th Avenue is a feminine collection of WordPress themes so if you’re looking for pinks and girly aesthetics take a look.

Station Seven

WordPress Themes & Branding Kits

Station Seven has some of my favorite branding kits for Pinterest & Instagram as well as beautiful wordpress themes!

Affiliate Programs:

ShopStyle Collective

Fashion Affiliate Program

ShopStyle is one of my favorite Fashion Affiliate sites because they make it easy to search for products from all sorts of stores such as Nordstrom, Anthropology and even Etsy! They recently switched their program from pay-per-click to pay-per-sale.


Fashion Affiliate Program

RewardStyle is one of the two fashion affiliate programs I recommend. This one is a bit more exclusive and hard to get into vs ShopStyle but if you have a blog and consistent content you should get approved. I can also refer you to help increase your approval chances (email me at with your first and last name, blog url and email you want to apply with).


Affiliate Link Network

ShareASale is a HUGE affiliate network that partners with all sorts of brands including Fashion, Computer Programs, Weddings, Real Estate and so on. This is where I first look to see if a company I love has an affiliate program.



Creative Training Classes

Skillshare is an online learning community for creatives with more than 20,000 online classes! You can learn everything from photography, web design, lettering and so much more. Get two months free with our code to test it out! 🙂

My goal with this page is to provide a list of tools that will help you thrive in your business. If you have any favorite ones that I’m missing please email me at